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The Choice is Clear – Ernie Almonte for Treasurer

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LTE – Ray Mathieu: Wouldn’t trust my money with ProJo’s endorsed candidate

Ray Mathieu is a Board Director, Trustee, and CFO with expertise in international private equity and U.S. banking. He is the former CFO of a $23B private equity firm. -- With The Providence Journal placing great importance on checking candidate claims this campaign season, I re........ Read More →

“Pension warning rings true” – ProJo

By C. EUGENE EMERY JR. Next to jobs and the economy, public employee pensions have been among the biggest issues in many 2014 political campaigns. Ernest Almonte, an independent running for general treasurer, was asked during an interview that aired Oct. 5 on the second hal........ Read More →

New Commercial: “Compare”

Watch Here: Ernie Almonte is an independent candidate for Rhode Island General Treasurer. Audio: Ernie Almonte is a licensed CPA and Auditor. Seth Magaziner isn't. Ernie Almonte has a plan to increase fiscal efficiency and protect employee pen........ Read More →

Almonte Campaign Questions “Family Money” Spent in Treasurer’s Race

Nearly 45 Days After Question Was First Asked, Magaziner’s ‘Family Money’ Response Raises More Questions than it Answers Cranston, R.I. - Following a Providence Journal report that the $550,000 Seth Magaziner loaned to his own campaign was a combination of personal inco........ Read More →

RI Monthly – “Big Differences Between Candidates for General Treasurer”

By Steve Triedman (10/15/14) The treasurer’s race may not attract many of the headlines but it’s certainly getting interesting, with attacks and counter attacks taking place almost daily. One candidate has a truly remarkable track record that spans more years than the age ........ Read More →

New Video: “Almonte Values”

    Watch Here: We talk a lot about Ernie's 35 year career as a CPA and auditor. We talk about his certifications, credentials, and financial leadership both locally and nationally. So much of who Ernie is can be attributed t........ Read More →

Almonte Campaign Criticizes Magaziner’s ‘Bare Minimum’ Approach to Transparency

Magaziner Continues to Avoid Questions About Transparency Cranston, R.I. – With 20 days left before Election Day, and no answer from Seth Magaziner, the Almonte campaign again questioned the source of Magaziner’s campaign funds, suggesting that the candidate’s refusal to a........ Read More →

Almonte Endorsed by Municipal Leaders

Mayors Grebien, Lombardi and Town Council Presidents Russo, Catanzaro Support Almonte’s Vision for Rhode Island Cranston, R.I. - Ernie Almonte, independent candidate for General Treasurer, today announced the endorsements of Mayors Grebien and Lombardi, and Town Council Presid........ Read More →

Almonte Endorsed by RI International Brotherhood of Police Officers PAC

Group Confident in Almonte's Public Pension Experience  Cranston, R.I. – Ernie Almonte, independent candidate for General Treasurer, was today endorsed by the Rhode Island International Brotherhood of Police Officers Political Action Committee. "Those who receive pensions........ Read More →
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